Log Repair

Caulking and chinking are among the most critical log home restoration services. The primary purpose of caulking and chinking is to protect your home from the elements, mainly water leakage which can lead to log rot.

We believe it is important to caulk or chink between all logs, around all log ends, windows/doors, log to soffit, and upward facing checks (cracks) in logs.  This helps to prevent any water getting into or behind logs, and prevent air flow in/out of the home to make climate control more efficient. 

Other than caulking and chinking’s functional utility, it can also provide a aesthetic appeal to give the home a more complete look.  This can be done not only on the exterior of the home, but also the interior. 

The two types of energy seals that we offer are:

Full energy seal : Between each log, around log ends, log to soffit, around windows and doors, and all upward facing checks (cracks).

Partial energy seal : A more cost efficient option which includes : caulking around all doors and windows, log to soffit, and all upward facing checks.

We provide full chinking services; including application of new chinking, touching up old/failing chinking, and application of chink paint to refresh the look of old faded chinking.

Needing Maintenance