Staining & Sealing

Sealing and staining protects your log home from the elements of nature. Sealing products generally come as either oil based or water based.  They are used to prevent rot caused by absorbed water and at the same time protect the wood form the elements, mainly precipitation and UV rays.

At Doyle Log Home Restoration, through our extensive experience, Perma-chink lifeline water based stain has proven to be more durable, resistant to UV damage and color fading.  Unlike oil based stains, water based stain allows any moisture that gets into the logs to evaporate.  This prevents log rot, mold and mildew growth, and discoloration of the logs.  Our process guarantees a proper application of stain which is key to ensure the stain adheres correctly and lasts.  In addition to a proper application of stain, it is equally as important to apply the clear top coat to reflect the UV rays that would harm the finish underneath otherwise.

Staining & Sealing Services